How do I access or send email messages as a shared mailbox?

To view and work the contents of a shared mailbox, add the mailbox to your Outlook Folder list:

1.       From Outlook, go to "Tools" > "Account Settings..." on drop down menu.

2.       Click your email address from the list and click “Change...” button.

3.       Click “More Settings...” button, then “Advanced” tab.

4.       Under “Open these additional mailboxes”, click  “Add...” button and type in the email address of the shared mailbox, click “OK” button.

5.       Complete by clicking “OK”, “Next >”, “Finish”, and “Close” buttons.

The mailbox will just appear as another folder in Outlook.   Multiple users can monitor and work the mailbox at the same time. 

In Outlook within a message, turn on the “From”  field if not already visible (Options – Show From)

To send a message as the shared mailbox, type the email address of the shared mailbox in the From:  field

To access the shared mailbox from Outlook Web Access (webmail), log on as yourself and type or paste the direct URL of the shared mailbox (e.g.  Note that the email address is part of the URL. 

To set an automatic response or "out of office" notification on a shared mailbox, use Outlook Web Access.

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