Can we assign advisors in batch?

Yes you can assign a single advisor to multiple students or you can assign multiple advisors to multiple students.  The instructions can be found on the Training and Learning Center under the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions tile.

Why was the student not enrolled from the waitlist in the class when the override was used to place the student on the waitlist?

Clicking the override box to place the student on the waitlist will not carry forward to enrollment from the waitlist.  Enrolling from the waitlist is a separate enrollment transaction and the override does not carry to that transaction. If you use student specific permission then the permission...

Why did a student not receive full General Education Certification?

The most common issues are: The current Gen Ed certification was changed in fall 2012.  If the student was enrolled in courses before fall 2012 and does not have any enrollments or transfer work since fall 2012 they fall under the old GEN ED rules. If the student has not completed at least 15...

Why is the academic requirement report for this student incorrect?

Remember that requirement term determines which curriculum the student must follow within the report.  If you believe there is still an error, please log a ticket so that we can evaluate it.

What are the queries for checking the PERC Roster?

There are two queries; 1. K_SSR_PERC_BY_CLASS -- Classes w/ PERC students 2. K_SSR_PERC_WITH_STD_ID -- Students picked up by PERC