What tables do I need to use in order to run a query for current Leave balances?

PeopleSoft stores the Leave balances in the LEAVE_ACCRUAL table, which maintains historical calculations using the ACCRUAL_PROC_DT field much like an effective date.  A problem is that when you use this table in a query, PSQUERY does not recognize this date field as an effective date...

Is there a way to tell who entered an employee in PS?

There are a few ways.  You can query any of the following tables: PSAUDIT - tells who updated the PERSON record, also tracks any JOB changes (I believe there is already a query out there K_HR_PSAUDIT that prompts by Employee ID). PERSON - shows who last updated the PERSON record and finally JOB...

What should I do if I created a new record and prematurely saved the Job Data panels without changing Benefit Program from NON to KFT.

Part of the function of Ben Admin is to evaluate the job, and assign it to the correct benefit program.  Once you do data entry, you will see that the program is set at KFT.  Therefore no correction is necessary. It is, however, ok to set benefit programs when you hire employees.

How do I correct a "No Matching Buffer" error in PeopleSoft?

In PeopleSoft, a "No Matching Buffer" error occurs when a page is trying to display data, but cannot find associated "parent" data for the record.  The error is not specific to a particular process or module - it can happen almost anywhere in the system and usually requires someone from Technology...

When will the GL Distribution/post confirm reports be posted to Docushare?

The Post-Distribution reports (K_DISTR and K_DISTRA) are created and posted during the Distribution/GL interface processes.  Generally, these processes run in accordance with the Business Services/Accounting Monthly Calendar.