My email address and/or name has been changed, but it is not showing up in Outlook.

The directory information in Microsoft Outlook is only updated once/day at 3:00am and your workstation will get those changes during a synchronization the following day. To force the changes to be copied to your computer:   In Outlook, Send / Receive > Send/Receive Groups > Download Address...

Can I have a new shared mailbox for the service that I am providing?

Yes. Please contact your local Technology Solutions department to request a shared mailbox.

How much space do I have in my OneDrive for Business?

Everyone starts out with a massive ONE TERABYTE of space to store all of their personal work-related documents and files.  That is really a LOT of space.  How much space?  Well, a terabyte is equal to: 1,000 copies of the full edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica 2,000 hours of audio recorded...

What are the mailbox size allocations?

All mailboxes are granted 50 GB of storage space.  Warnings that you are reaching your limit will begin appearing at 49.8 GB.  At 49.9 GB, you will no longer be able to send new emails.  At 50 GB, you will no longer be able to send or receive new emails.

How do I set up email or other Microsoft 365 apps on my mobile device?

To configure email or other Microsoft apps on your mobile device, follow the Microsoft guidance for the specific device type.