How do I get authorized to access the DSS (Decision Support System)?

You will need to complete the ORPA Authorization Form - 1.A and complete the steps covered in the ORPA Authorization Form - PROCEDURES MANUAL 1.1 .   Please refer to your local IR/IE office for copies of the form, and for any additional help.          

I only see an empty Dashboard.

On the banner at the top of the page is a list of the Dashboards to which you have access, which include "My Dashboard", the default dashboard along with the other authorized Dashboards. If there are no other Dashboard link, please submit a Help Desk ticket.  Include in the problem description for...

Once I'm authorized, how do I get started using DSS?

You'll need to get authorization through your college IR/IE office. After you receive your confirmation email, you can log in to DSS with your KCTCS credentials. You can then access dashboards or reports, depending on the level of access granted.    

How can I determine if there is a DSS report that would help me?

DSS  covers a wide range of subject areas including but not limited to student bio-demo information, admission, records and financial aid. Many of these subjects have been incorporated into different dashboards. Please work with your local IR/IE office for additional information about what all DSS...

While the Dashboard Description appears, when I click on a Dashboard link, nothing happens.

There is a known incompatibility between DSS and Microsoft Internet Explorer v9. Determine the internet browser, e.g., Internet Explorer (IE), and version that you are using, then proceed based on that determination. 1. Ensure that you're displaying the DSS Logon Page. 2. Press the ALT-key and the...