How is the "Title" for employees in the directory determined?

The IPEDS-S Code associated with an employee's primary job is used to derived the default "Title" in the directory for employees.     IPEDS Code IPEDS Code Description Title 1 Executive/Admin/Managerial Staff 2 Faculty(Instrctn/Rsrch/PubSvc) Faculty 3 Instruction/Research Assistant ...

How can I get a user account and access for a new Bookstore employee?

The Bookstore manager should contact the region manager for Barnes and Noble. This is currently Lisa Crowe. KCTCS approval is given by Vikki Parman.

How long do students have access to their account?

Recent Graduates  continue to have access through the end of the last term in the next calendar year after their enrollment.   That is, a student who enrolls in a term anytime this calendar year will continue to have access to Email and Student Self-Service through the end of Fall term next...

How often are user accounts and access updated?

User accounts and access are updated every 30 minutes 7:00 am - 1:00 am.

How soon do I get access to email?

Employees have access to email on their hire date.