I receive this message when trying to award summer Pell Grant 2 for my student. “After initial assignment (either manually by the user or by the packaging process), the award value has been reduced below the minimum required award limit and the award cannot be made.” (reference - Disp Plan, Split code, Pell1, Pell2, FS, XX,Message, sequence)

You are getting this message because the disb plan for Pell # 1 is "FS", but your split code is "XX".  You need to correct the split code for Pell # 1 to "FS".  Also, you need to make sure that Pell # 1, then Pell # 2 are the first two items in sequence.   

We awarded and disbursed a Pell grant for a student for the same period that another college awarded and disbursed a Pell award. How do we resolve this Potential Override Project (POP)?

Work with the other college to resolve the POP. If the POP is not resolved after 30 days, then both schools will lose funding. If this happens, contact the System Office and our Pell award can be re-instated directly on COD.

This is my most recent Pell K_FA881A report. The students listed on this report have comments that are either not listed with a solution in the COD manual or are listed as a comment that the SO needs to fix. How do I use this report?

This report provides a list of students with a Pell Disbursement Rejected. These need to be resolved. Refer to the Pell Procedure Manual for resolutions for the various comments.

What steps do I take when a KCTCS student transfers from one KCTCS school to another in the same financial aid year?

Pell grant from KCTCS School # 1 is put on hold before KCTCS School # 2 awards the new Pell grants. Refer to the Pell Procedure Manual for additional explanation and steps.

How do I delete an ISIR out of Peoplesoft? I need instructions on how to delete an isir out of peoplesoft.

Only College Director level staff have security to delete an ISIR.  To delete an unwanted ISIR from Peoplesoft, go to: Financial Aid > File Management > ISIR Import > Delete ISIR / NSLDS Records. Put a checkmark in the checkbox (in the Delete ISIR  column) for the ISIR you want to delete, then...